• 1.Jul.2011|Unit4.0|Event
    • Exhibited Unit4.0 for iPhone4 at CEA LineShow

    • We just came back from NYC to exhibit our latest model iPhone4, Unit4.0 at CE Week LineShow hosted by CEA.

      We were so excited to meet up people there but at same time we are bit worried about the new devices’ condition since it was going to be our first demo performance in the USA.
      We only had mockups at CEA 2011at Las Vegas in January… 

      There were large numbers of people coming to the show and we met several local presses and bloggers as well as buyers.
      Cali Lewis and Dave Peterson at Geek Beat TV as the official media partner had a live streaming on the Internet through the event to arise both the visitors and the viewers to enthusiasm!

      Middle East in Manhattan
    • 7.May.2011|Unit4.0|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap for iPhone3GS/3G at Fujiya Avic Headphone Fes Spring

    • Hi, everyone! We joined Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival Spring in Tokyo to exhibit our latest model Unit4.0 (previously called GD-04) in Tokyo today!

      We had greater number of people coming to the event compare to last time and we are glad that we had many people stopping at our booth as well. Thank you!
      This was our first time to open Unit4.0 to the public and have an actual demonstration to the visitors*

      “The sound’s amazing!”
      “This is the exact product that I have been looking for!”
      “Definitely looking forward to have the Unit4.0 soon!”
      “I can’t wait to use it!”

      We received high evaluations and positive opinions on our Unit4.0 from the visitors. 

      Since the demo sample unit just came out right before the Headphone Festival, we had it frozen during playing the demo…but we somehow could manage to get over the problem and provided sound audition to the visitors.

    • 30.Oct.2010|Unit4.0|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap for iPhone3GS/3G at Fujiya Avic Headphone Fes Autumn

    • Exhibited our new model iPhone4, GD-04 at Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival Autumn in Tokyo! 

      We are appreciated to have a lot of visitors coming to the event and drop by our booth even though a huge typhoon hit Tokyo on the day. 

      VentureCraft tried hard to manage the first show, bit felling overwhelmed surrounded by long standing famous brands in the world.

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