• 17.Jul.2012|Event
    • "Go-Dap X Audition" at e-Earphone, Thank you so much!

    • July 13th, 14th, 2012 at e-Earphone Osaka

      July 15th, 16th, 2012 at e-Earphone Akihabara

      "Go-Dap X Audition" !!!

      Touching, feeling, and listening Go-Dap X

      To everyone who came to Go-Dap X Audition and to all e-Earphone staff,

      Thank you so much!!!

    • 9.Jul.2012|Event
    • Exhibited at "Portable Society 2012 Summer" by Fujiya-Avic

    • July 7th, 2012 (Sat.) NAKANO SUNPLAZA 15th Floor

      Exhibited Go-Dap Unit4.0 (White/FW2.0.0) and Go-Dap X (Proto) at "Portable Society 2012 Summer" by Fujiya-Avic

      Many enjoyed listening so much!

      Thank you very much for stopping by at our booth!!!

    • 6.Jun.2012|Event
    • Invited on e-EarphoneTV!!

    • June 4, 2012 @ e-Earphone Akihabara

      e-EarphoneTV Vol.92 "Go-Dap X featured"

               Archive "Go-Dap X featured"

      Thank you so much, e-EarphoneTV crews!!
      Thank you all for watching "Go-Dap X featured"!!

    • 16.May.2012|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap at Fujiya Avic Headphone Fes Spring

    • Exhibited a new product at Stadium Place AOYAMA on 15th, last Saturday!
      Tried and listened by so many music lovers.

      A new product, Go-Dap X, coming in this SUMMER 2012

      (For iPhone, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano)

      Everyone, using his/her own iDevice with Go-Dap X
      And, not forgetting to recharge his/her iDevice at the same time...
      Go-Dap X corresponds to iDevices such as iPod classic, iPod touch, and iPod nano.
      Even more, Go-Dap X works as a PC DAC!
      Of course, Go-Dap X still has an optical out and so can be both, portable and stationary.
      Already lots of comments internationally Head-Fi

      Go-Dap Unit4.0 (WHITE ver.) also exhibited!

      Available to purchase in June, 2012.


      Little more detailed works on Go-Dap Unit4.0 (WHITE ver.)
           The surface of holder case and back-plate are specially soft-feel treated which prevents scratches.
           The holder case completely matches with the iPhone's mute/on switch.
      Aqcuired wonderful reputations on the event site and sold fabulously at the Fujiya Avic bargain sales.

      Thank you so much for visiting VentureCraft booth.
    • 27.Feb.2012|Event
    • Portable Audio Festival presented by e☆Earphone in Osaka!

    • VentureCraft newly released special customized version of Unit4.0 (black/white) at Portable Audio Festival in Osaka.

      Burr-Brown OPA1612、Battery power 2000mA

      Special version models are currently available only in Japan.
      However we can assist you to purchase the products for overseas according to the stock availability.

      Please contact our customer support for more information.

    • 20.Jan.2012|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap Unit4.0 at CES at LasVegas!

    • VentureCraft exhibited Go-Dap Unit4.0 for iPhone4/4S at CES 2012 at LasVegas!

      It is our second year to join iLounge at CES at LVCC.
      We came all the way from Tokyo and meet up our stuffs in the US and lots of users and buyers there.

      We exhibited our newly released Unit4.0 for iPhone4/4S at our booth.
      It was only some mock-up at last year, we fell much confident to show on-sale product this year.

      We had built own booth by ourselves.
      Yong boys did a great job!

      More boxes...

      Everything regarding convention management proceeds differently in the US, we were struggled with various things!

      Need much more listening spaces for visitors than we do in Japan…?

      Demonstration units are all set!
      The show starts!

      Some visitors are completely unfamiliar with any audio gears…

      Some have been waiting for its release…

      Some got very interested in our jacked-type amp, DDC and battery unit…

      Conner Callahan and Jude from Head-Fi dropped by at our booth as well.

      Press coming  from all over the world!

      Take a look at more information and pictures at Japanese site, Facebook and Flicker too♪

      Japanese Site



    • 6.Nov.2011|Important news and update information|Event
    • Job Opportunity at CES 2012 iLounge Jan 10 -12

    • Job Opportunity-

      Are you interested in working with us at CES 2012 at Las Vegas?
      Please send your resume to let us know your brief information about your personality, experiences and enthusiasm for audio/gadget gears if you are interested in the event.
      VentureCraft participate CES at LVSS every year to exhibit its latest products to the people all over the world.

      We are going to take part in the event this year as well and seeking a suitable person who
      -lives in Las Vegas currently
      -owns iPhone4 and is interested in our Go-Dap Unit4.0
      -has an enthusiasm toward audio devices, gadget items and iPhone accessories
      -is capable to work with us and can get along with our co-workers
      -is capable to take a spontaneous action during the work
      *Convention experience and Japanese skill are preferred but not required.

      We regard honesty, diligence and cooperativeness as the most important factor.

      Details will be informed in return to your email.
      If you are interested in the opportunity please let us know.

      VentureCraft, Inc.
      Hana Takano
      Global Distribution Manager

    • 1.Jul.2011|Unit4.0|Event
    • Exhibited Unit4.0 for iPhone4 at CEA LineShow

    • We just came back from NYC to exhibit our latest model iPhone4, Unit4.0 at CE Week LineShow hosted by CEA.

      We were so excited to meet up people there but at same time we are bit worried about the new devices’ condition since it was going to be our first demo performance in the USA.
      We only had mockups at CEA 2011at Las Vegas in January… 

      There were large numbers of people coming to the show and we met several local presses and bloggers as well as buyers.
      Cali Lewis and Dave Peterson at Geek Beat TV as the official media partner had a live streaming on the Internet through the event to arise both the visitors and the viewers to enthusiasm!

      Middle East in Manhattan
    • 7.May.2011|Unit4.0|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap for iPhone3GS/3G at Fujiya Avic Headphone Fes Spring

    • Hi, everyone! We joined Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival Spring in Tokyo to exhibit our latest model Unit4.0 (previously called GD-04) in Tokyo today!

      We had greater number of people coming to the event compare to last time and we are glad that we had many people stopping at our booth as well. Thank you!
      This was our first time to open Unit4.0 to the public and have an actual demonstration to the visitors*

      “The sound’s amazing!”
      “This is the exact product that I have been looking for!”
      “Definitely looking forward to have the Unit4.0 soon!”
      “I can’t wait to use it!”

      We received high evaluations and positive opinions on our Unit4.0 from the visitors. 

      Since the demo sample unit just came out right before the Headphone Festival, we had it frozen during playing the demo…but we somehow could manage to get over the problem and provided sound audition to the visitors.

    • 1.Jan.2011|GO-DAP|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap for iPhone3GS/3G and iPhone4 mock up at International CES

    • Just after the New Year has begun, we were flying to Las Vegas to have our products exhibited at 2011 International CES. 

      As many of you may have already know, CES (Consumer Electronics Association) the biggest exhibition on home electricity, information, and IT communication held annually by CEA.
      Every global home appliances brands and internet related companies gather in the exciting show and many of them disclose and announce their new innovative products and solutions to the world.
      Of course, a great number of press, buyers and retailer are coming together from all over the world as well.

      VentureCraft exhibited Go-Dap at iLounge which has been specially placed to show iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories.
      Any types of “i” related products such as iPhone/iPad cases, speakers, radio tuners and headphones and etc… are displayed at the special area.

      iLounge has been introduced this year for the first time to CEA.
      Since Apple withdrew from Macworld Conference & Expo from 2009 (very strange and ironic enough…) it seems that many iPhone/iPad accessory brands shifted their presentation place from Macworld to CEA these years.


      iLounge is located at the North Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).
      Large spaces are occupied by globally named brands such as Mophie, iWave, iSkin, Griffin.
      In fact, VentureCraft had a booth just in front of iSkin. 
    • 30.Oct.2010|Unit4.0|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap for iPhone3GS/3G at Fujiya Avic Headphone Fes Autumn

    • Exhibited our new model iPhone4, GD-04 at Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival Autumn in Tokyo! 

      We are appreciated to have a lot of visitors coming to the event and drop by our booth even though a huge typhoon hit Tokyo on the day. 

      VentureCraft tried hard to manage the first show, bit felling overwhelmed surrounded by long standing famous brands in the world.

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