GO-DAP DD Limited 12V

  • Sound Quality Improvement

  • 70micron(μ) Copper Foil Substrate (Black Resist Substrate)

  • For the substrate, applying 70μ copper foil which only some super-high-grade audio devices mount. Reduced circuit resistance and suppressed exogenous noise as well as lessened substrate vibration by the total of 140μ of both surfaces.
  • Thin-Film Resister

  • Adopting less current-noise thin-film resister for opamp input resister and feedback resister.
  • ±12V OpAmp Power-Supply Voltage

  • Driving a variety of opamp(s) under favorable conditions by the increased opamp driving voltage.
  • Sound Quality Improvement

    Battery Capacity

  • Battery Capacity
  • Capacity increased from 2200mAh to 3200mAh for longer time of use.

  • Expandability

  • Expandability
  • Thickness increased from 18.0mm to 19.5mm. Enable to mount high-performance opamp(s) such as OPA627SM (Metal-CAN type).
  • *Requires dedicated original conversion substrate(s).


LINE output Digital output Battery Runtime

stereo mini jack

・Gain Low

 0.5Vrms (10KΩ)

 10KΩ or highter

・Gain High

 0.8Vrms (10KΩ)

 10KΩ or highter

・Frequency characteristics

 20Hz to 20kHz




Approx. 12hours

Manual (User's Guide) Download