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  • Job Opportunity at CES 2012 iLounge Jan 10 -12

  • Job Opportunity-

    Are you interested in working with us at CES 2012 at Las Vegas?
    Please send your resume to let us know your brief information about your personality, experiences and enthusiasm for audio/gadget gears if you are interested in the event.
    VentureCraft participate CES at LVSS every year to exhibit its latest products to the people all over the world.

    We are going to take part in the event this year as well and seeking a suitable person who
    -lives in Las Vegas currently
    -owns iPhone4 and is interested in our Go-Dap Unit4.0
    -has an enthusiasm toward audio devices, gadget items and iPhone accessories
    -is capable to work with us and can get along with our co-workers
    -is capable to take a spontaneous action during the work
    *Convention experience and Japanese skill are preferred but not required.

    We regard honesty, diligence and cooperativeness as the most important factor.

    Details will be informed in return to your email.
    If you are interested in the opportunity please let us know.

    VentureCraft, Inc.
    Hana Takano
    Global Distribution Manager

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