• 16.May.2012|Event
  • Exhibited Go-Dap at Fujiya Avic Headphone Fes Spring

  • Exhibited a new product at Stadium Place AOYAMA on 15th, last Saturday!
    Tried and listened by so many music lovers.

    A new product, Go-Dap X, coming in this SUMMER 2012

    (For iPhone, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano)

    Everyone, using his/her own iDevice with Go-Dap X
    And, not forgetting to recharge his/her iDevice at the same time...
    Go-Dap X corresponds to iDevices such as iPod classic, iPod touch, and iPod nano.
    Even more, Go-Dap X works as a PC DAC!
    Of course, Go-Dap X still has an optical out and so can be both, portable and stationary.
    Already lots of comments internationally Head-Fi

    Go-Dap Unit4.0 (WHITE ver.) also exhibited!

    Available to purchase in June, 2012.


    Little more detailed works on Go-Dap Unit4.0 (WHITE ver.)
         The surface of holder case and back-plate are specially soft-feel treated which prevents scratches.
         The holder case completely matches with the iPhone's mute/on switch.
    Aqcuired wonderful reputations on the event site and sold fabulously at the Fujiya Avic bargain sales.

    Thank you so much for visiting VentureCraft booth.
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