• 5.Oct.2012|Important news and update information
  • For Users with Go-Dap X(Pre Mass-Production) - iOS6/iPhone5 Compatible Firmware Update and Galaxy S3 Circuit Change

  • Completed iOS6/iPhone5 compatible firmware (FW1.0.1).
         By firmware updating, Go-Dap X with FW1.0.0 will be changed to FW1.0.1.
    *The adverse effect of updating to iOS6 from iOS5, charging iDevice in "AMP" mode, will be solved by updating the firmware to FW1.0.1.
    *A Galaxy S3 compatible circuit change will be done at the same time.

    <Updating Firmware and Galaxy S3 Curcuit Change>

    1. Apply here ($35 shipping fee only required.)
    2. Send your Go-Dap X(pre mass-production) to the following address.
    *Please understand that by policy we can not cover any international shipping fees to us.

    Support Center.
    1-3-5 Nihonbashihoncho Bldg. 2F, Nihonbashihoncho,
    Chyuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023 Japan
    TEL. +81-3-5204-1007

    3. We will ship out your firmware-updated and Galaxy S3 circuit-changed Go-Dap X within 2weeks of its arrival to us in Japan.


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