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  • Exhibited Unit4.0 for iPhone4 at CEA LineShow

  • We just came back from NYC to exhibit our latest model iPhone4, Unit4.0 at CE Week LineShow hosted by CEA.

    We were so excited to meet up people there but at same time we are bit worried about the new devices’ condition since it was going to be our first demo performance in the USA.
    We only had mockups at CEA 2011at Las Vegas in January… 

    There were large numbers of people coming to the show and we met several local presses and bloggers as well as buyers.
    Cali Lewis and Dave Peterson at Geek Beat TV as the official media partner had a live streaming on the Internet through the event to arise both the visitors and the viewers to enthusiasm!

    Middle East in Manhattan

    The venue is located in front of the Empire State Building 7 West 34th St. 

    The day before the show starts
    Nothing was prepared on the 11th floor of the building
    Just right before the exhibition starts on June 22th, they are busy constructing booth decollations and electric facilities.
    It is quite a different way that things go in Japan…:) 

    We are staring to set up our table too!

    The first day of LineShow.

    We are very glad that people admires our Unit4.0 and received a highly reputation from people in NY.
    We are honored to hear that they are looking forward to having the new device coming out this summer as well.
    We are going to sell Unit4.0 at our renewal website firstly before the retailers start to sell the unit in Japan. Of course we will do have an international shipping.

    LineShow day2

    Naoki at VentureCraft joined the interview at Geek Beat TV making striking debut in the USA!

    We also had a giveaway prize on our Twitter.
    Three winners are selected by Geek Beat TV and we presented Go-Dap for iPhone3GS/3G to them from Tokyo.


    Coming back from NY, our target and attention have been already setting to CES 2012 held at Las Vegas as every year. 
    2012 International CES

    Pictures of CEA LineShow 2011 : 

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