January 2012

    • 20.Jan.2012|Event
    • Exhibited Go-Dap Unit4.0 at CES at LasVegas!

    • VentureCraft exhibited Go-Dap Unit4.0 for iPhone4/4S at CES 2012 at LasVegas!

      It is our second year to join iLounge at CES at LVCC.
      We came all the way from Tokyo and meet up our stuffs in the US and lots of users and buyers there.

      We exhibited our newly released Unit4.0 for iPhone4/4S at our booth.
      It was only some mock-up at last year, we fell much confident to show on-sale product this year.

      We had built own booth by ourselves.
      Yong boys did a great job!

      More boxes...

      Everything regarding convention management proceeds differently in the US, we were struggled with various things!

      Need much more listening spaces for visitors than we do in Japan…?

      Demonstration units are all set!
      The show starts!

      Some visitors are completely unfamiliar with any audio gears…

      Some have been waiting for its release…

      Some got very interested in our jacked-type amp, DDC and battery unit…

      Conner Callahan and Jude from Head-Fi dropped by at our booth as well.

      Press coming  from all over the world!

      Take a look at more information and pictures at Japanese site, Facebook and Flicker too♪

      Japanese Site



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