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Special Features of Paparazzi Ace

Continuous Recording
Audio Function
SHDC Card Compatible
Removable Recording Unit
Optional Camera

PZ Ace records audio as well as video to capture sounds of car horns and break noise to give a clear picture of the environment at the time of an accident. The Audio Recording Function can be easily switched ON/OFF at the simple touch of a button.

PZ ACE is compatible with high storage SDHC Card Media for users requiring the longest recording times. With 16GB SDHC Card PZ ACE now supports extended recording time of over 8hours for professional use. (Actual recording time may vary)
For use only with VentureCraft supplied memory devices.

PZ ACE recording unit can be easily removed for use in other vehicles or for theft prevention. Simply grip the sides and slide upward for easy 1-hand removal anyone can do in a second.