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VentureCraft will appreciate your uploading on the images recorded by Paparazzi onto YouTube.com.

Write any identical product name or product number (example: Paparazzi Ace, PZ-83, black box PZ-95) in your title in order to Distinguish your images from the music "Paparazzi"of Lady Gaga at YouTube.com.


A Sleepy Tractor

A sleepy driver staggered on the high way about at70km in 6:00 am.
When I tried to overtake his car the guy on the tractor moved his car to
sideways. Take a good rest before you crash, man!
Date:2010-04-27 16:44:06

Almost caused a crash!

Ignoring red lights by the car on the other side. Totally his fault.
The driver in front of me almost got killed by him! Date:2010-04-02 18:20:29

A Fender-Bender

I was hit by a car on my right side with no winkers on. He was trying to cut in to my lane since his lane was getting crowded. A door and bumper right side on my car were broken. The other party claimed that he signal at the time he changed his lane and blamed me that I wan not looking ahead carefully.Well, thank to Paparazzi, comparative negligence was 1:9, which is 3:7 for regular case. Date:2010-04-01 16:28:16

Wrong winkers and talking to the cell phone, jerk!

Waiting at the intersection. There are two automobiles with left turn winkers on my right side. Oops! You were giving a right-turn signal but going straightforward now? The jerk threw me a fierce look with a cell phone with her hand. Date:2010-02-17 10:50:55

Ignorance of the traffic light by the truck driver almost caused an accident with the bicycle!

A big dumper truck on my right side was going through a red light! It almost hit a lady on a bicycle... I wonder if he is really a professional truck driver...Gee! Date:2008-08-19 10:48:54

Miraculous Avoidance

The car in front of me started to make a right turn but at the same
moment a tractor just rushed into his way even though the sign was
"Right turn" on my side! The Legacy drive has a good technique but it was definitely a pinch! Date:2008-01-11 05:50:39

Accident Prevention

Ah! Dangerous!
Date:2007-10-21 20:45:14

A close call! Call an ambulance or a hearse!?

We started to move when the light was turning green.
Suddenly a car sped away in front of us!
Those types of drivers usually has a plenty of excuses after the
incident, I know... Date:2007-10-01 23:00:44